16 November 2014

Hello. My name is Alannah. Looking through all the posts Dad hasn't been on this for a long time. So I guess I'll have to do this . This is my first (maybe last) post but who cares? Anyway I need to write about something, but what? How about...
 Nope. Haven't a clue. Oh well I guess I have to write something.
 I know why don't I talk about a good website. O.k. Right, let's get started. CBBC as you know is a children's channel and has a website with some good things in it. If you want to save your games you need a BBC ID and all you need to do is press the register button and do some other stuff and boom you'll have an ID (but to have your games saved you have to makes sure you're logged in). There! I should go into the CBBC office and talk all about that. And now I will tell you some stuff that's on the website. Go on Whoops I Missed The Bus page and you will find some really funny videos. Also, go on Our School to watch episodes and sneak peeks.  
Well, it's bye from me until next time!