26 June 2008

Butterfly Girl and Dog Boy

Alannah almost never gets her face painted when the opportunity is around, but as we were running an event and had paid big money for a facepainter we made sure Alannah availed of the services - even if it did all get washed off the moment we were home.

Charlie, on the other had, would have gone to bed with his face painted if he could. He was going to be a tiger, but he couldn't sit still long enough!

24 June 2008

A Galway Beach

While Nana was here we took a short trip to Galway. The city of Galway is lovely and the surrounding scenery is beautiful. The coastline is stunning, so one morning we headed off to a local beach.

Now Nana, being from midwest America, knows what the real meaning of summer is, so she opted to stay in the car and watch with Caitlyn. I, however, knowing we were in the west of Ireland and it wasn't raining, felt that it was a perfectly acceptable day for a dip in the Atlantic.

You judge for yourselves...

For what it's worth, it did start raining shortly after we left the beach. And the next day, and.....

Nana Came to Visit

Here's a few photos of Nana Debbie and the kids!

(Can you tell that the TV is on over my left shoulder? Charlie usually says please when he asks someone to move.)

By the way, the dress Caitlyn is wearing has previuosly been worn by another little girl. Not just Alannah - it was originally Jane's!

01 June 2008

A Couple of Photos

Here are just a couple of latest photos of Caitlyn. More to come...

Caitlyn's First Week