28 February 2010

365 Photos - week 9

22nd FEBRUARY - Alannah is enrolled as a Ladybird!

23rd FEBRUARY - I'd forgotten how much I loved Lego...until the kids went to bed.

24th FEBRUARY - Coffee Morning in a local cafe for the Older People's Network. Free coffee and pastries for everyone! (I wonder who the chairperson of this group is who would suggest such an activity?)

25th FEBRUARY - My ticket arrives for Star Wars in Concert. (Can't wait!!!!)

26th FEBRUARY - Into the light.

27th FEBRUARY - Down the chute!

28th FEBRUARY - When I was twelve I was convinced I wouldn't regret stopping piano lessons. Twenty something years later I still regret it. But today...

22 February 2010

365 Photos - week 8

15th FEBRUARY - Charlie & Alannah help daddy with the shopping. Trust me, it wasn't as cute as it looks.

16th FEBRUARY - Run, Alannah, run!

17th FEBRUARY - Charlie makes a 'satellite' at play school.

18th FEBRUARY - A rare date night!

19th FEBRUARAY - Caitlyn in the kitchen.

20th FEBRUARY - Such are my thoughts of taking a picture everyday that I now run to grab my phone before I let boiling water spill out of a pot.

21st FEBRUARY - Wishful thinking.

15 February 2010

365 Photos - week 7 (Theme week - Shadows)

Just to give myself a bit of a challenge I decided to have a theme running through my pictures this week: Shadows. This was all well and good until it got cloudy halfway through the week!

8th FEBRUARY - Self-portrait

9th FEBRUARY - Two views of the same lamp.

10th FEBRUARY - Ok, not exactly a shadow, but I liked the abstract light coming through the stained glass.

11th FEBRUARY - Nursery yard.

12th FEBRUARY - Floodlit ivy.

13th FEBRUARY - Banister.

14th FEBRUARY - Ermm, I suddenly remembered just before I went to bed that I hadn't taken a picture, so.....woof!

07 February 2010

365 Photos - week 6

1st FEBRUARY - Post the Most. My favourite kids boardgame!

2nd FEBRUARY - Almost made it home in time.

3rd FEBRUARY - Jane welcomes me to Facebook.

4th FEBRUARY - Give daddy a hug!!!

5th FEBRUARY - The final season begins...

6th FEBRUARY - Not in our house they don't!

7th FEBRUARY - With all the rain in Ireland you can grow almost anything almost anywhere.