15 February 2010

365 Photos - week 7 (Theme week - Shadows)

Just to give myself a bit of a challenge I decided to have a theme running through my pictures this week: Shadows. This was all well and good until it got cloudy halfway through the week!

8th FEBRUARY - Self-portrait

9th FEBRUARY - Two views of the same lamp.

10th FEBRUARY - Ok, not exactly a shadow, but I liked the abstract light coming through the stained glass.

11th FEBRUARY - Nursery yard.

12th FEBRUARY - Floodlit ivy.

13th FEBRUARY - Banister.

14th FEBRUARY - Ermm, I suddenly remembered just before I went to bed that I hadn't taken a picture, so.....woof!


Ali said...

you were wise to choose this theme before the summer came and there was no hope of any sunshine for creating shadows :-p

Wils said...

great idea to have a theme.

jsi said...

I like the ivy pic the best... no, wait, I like the bikers the best...no, wait, I like the brick wall the best, no wait...

Nice theme, well chosen and artistically shared.