31 January 2010

365 Photos - week 5

25th JANUARY - G' me a fiddle and we'll have a céilidh!

26th JANUARY - Norman from our companionship club plays Jenga for the first time.

27th JANUARY - My cappuccino for Jane.

28th JANUARY - Freedom!

29th JANUARY - Charlie puts up with it because he knows there are sweeties promised.

30th JANUARY - Alannah loves a trip to the library.

31st JANUARY - Sunday afternoon bike ride.

24 January 2010

365 Photos - week 4

18th JANUARY - Jane says the new year tradition has gone on long enough. It's time it came off.
19th JANUARY - Happy Bodhrán Day to me!
20th JANUARY - Chickenpox remedies.

21st JANUARY - Toy Story 3D. Taking the kids was an excuse for me to see it!

22nd JANUARY - A chalk drawing of me playing cricket...apparently.

23rd JANUARY - Jane has been away for the weekend leaving me in charge of three kids including feeding and entertainment.

24th - JANUARY - I went to a coffee party today. I brought a bag of beans home and smiled when I read the label.

19 January 2010

Happy Birthday Marcus!

Today is Marcus's birthday! He enjoyed some delicious homemade cake preceded by an awful lot of coffee.

17 January 2010

365 Photos - week 3

11th JANUARY - Hot chocolate smile.

12th JANUARY - Cold night, hot chili.

13th JANUARY - Selection box leftovers...still!

14th JANUARY - Our first ever visit to Lidl.

15th JANUARY - Artificial snow - flour - in the sand table. It seemed a good idea at the time.

16th JANUARY - The Pox.

17th JANUARY - A sneak peek at my birthday present...

11 January 2010

Sledding at Bushy Park

Three kids; two plastic trays; one hill; lots of snow...

10 January 2010

365 Photos - week 2

4th JANUARY - Cold enough for an all day fire.

5th JANUARY - The dongle to make transferring photos easier.

6th JANUARY - Cleaning out the paint pots.

7th JANUARY - Back to school after Christmas break...

8th JANUARY - s'no school so snow castles!

9th JANUARY - Dragon's breath.

10th JANUARY - Coffee workshop at 3fe.

03 January 2010

365 Photos - week 1

1st JANUARY - 12:01am

2nd JANUARY - Only 91 days 'till Easter!

3rd JANUARY - Ummm.....it appears that only three days in I've forgotten to take a photo. Normal service will resume shortly.

01 January 2010

365 photos per year

I (Marcus) have joined a group of other bloggers to take up the challenge of recording my year with daily photos. So every day in 2010 I will attempt to take a photo and (eventually) post them here.

Some others in the group are posting daily. I'm going to just post a week's worth in one go on Sunday evenings.

Happy New Year!