10 January 2010

365 Photos - week 2

4th JANUARY - Cold enough for an all day fire.

5th JANUARY - The dongle to make transferring photos easier.

6th JANUARY - Cleaning out the paint pots.

7th JANUARY - Back to school after Christmas break...

8th JANUARY - s'no school so snow castles!

9th JANUARY - Dragon's breath.

10th JANUARY - Coffee workshop at 3fe.


Ali said...

Nice ones, inparticular the dragons breath! It's certainly been a week for turf fires. Good to see your dongle, judy had hers on show this week too

Wils said...

Bless Bord-na-mona then! Oooo I can feel the heat from here :o) Nice pics - love the snow castles.

The Mylechreest Family said...

Yes, we've been keeping Bord na mona by burning up another little piece of Ireland.

Gary said...

I do like the 9th photo - the dragon breath! Fantastic!