17 January 2010

365 Photos - week 3

11th JANUARY - Hot chocolate smile.

12th JANUARY - Cold night, hot chili.

13th JANUARY - Selection box leftovers...still!

14th JANUARY - Our first ever visit to Lidl.

15th JANUARY - Artificial snow - flour - in the sand table. It seemed a good idea at the time.

16th JANUARY - The Pox.

17th JANUARY - A sneak peek at my birthday present...


Ali said...

What a week! But I know what your getting for your birthday. I have one too :-) did yours come with earmuffs?

Wils said...

Sympathies on the pox... hope it doesn't spread... and what a great birthday present! Join us for the next session!

The Mylechreest Family said...

Ali, do you mean earmuffs for others??

Wils, too late, the pox has spread. 3 kids, 3 poxies.

Gary said...

Selection boxes surviving until the middle of January? Wouldn't have happened in our house - but now we get loads of boxes of biscuits and most remain unopened!