21 March 2010

365 Photos - week 12 (Theme week.....)

I took photos this week along a particular theme, but as I reviewed them I soon realised they were all totally rubbish! So I'm not going to bother posting any...

However, you may like to look at the photos below of my kids at the park today.

Sunday Afternoon in the Park

It was a beautiful, sunny day today. More than worthy of a trip to the park. Here's a few photos of the kids.

15 March 2010

365 Photos - week 11

8th MARCH - Sunshine!

9th MARCH - Happy birthday, Jane!

10th MARCH - Evening Abstract.

11th MARCH - Blue skies four days in a row!

12th MARCH - Caitlyn get her hands on the leftover birthday cake.

13th MARCH - Something blue has landed next door.

14th MARCH - RTE studios. (I'm going to be on TV next week!)

08 March 2010

365 Photos - week 10

1st MARCH - Charlie in the car wash!

2nd MARCH - Just before I went to bed I remembered that I hadn't washed the dishes. I also remembered that I hadn't taken a photo that day. So I did both at the same time. The result is possibly one of the most boring photos you will ever see. The only thing worse would be a bag of potatoes.

3rd MARCH - Starting to feel a bit Christmassy, don't you think?

4th MARCH - Poorly Charlie :-(

5th MARCH - I only threw the bulbs in the shallow ground on the off chance. Result!

6th MARCH - Ladies and Gentlemen, may a present to you...a photo of a bag of potatoes!!

7th MARCH - A dream comes true as I attend 'Star Wars Live in Concert'.