27 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's always hard to be apart from family during significant celebrations. This time last year we were with Jane's family for Thanksgiving, but this year we were home in Ireland. Although Thanksgiving Day was on Thursday we waited until Friday to celebrate - and Jane did an excellent job cooking up a delicious feast: a golden turkey, garlic butter green beans, caramelized carrots, sweet potato and pecan mash, homemade cranberry sauce, hot rolls fresh from the oven, and of course pumpkin pie.

I made the gravy.

Here's a photo of us getting ready to tuck in!

27 October 2009

Here Comes A Ladybird!

Lots of new activities for Alannah now that she is in school. Here she is in her uniform for Ladybirds - part of the Girl Guide movement in Ireland. (Girl Scouts)

24 September 2009

Caitlyn learns to walk

Here's a little video of Caitlyn's latest milestone.

01 September 2009

At the beach

Here are a few photos at the beaches we visited this summer.

"Look we caught something!", exclaimed Alannah. "AHHH! It's a crab!!!"

11 August 2009

Happy Birthday Alannah! (5yrs)

We celebrated Alannah's birthday while on holiday at a caravan park in Tenby, Wales. After a hedgehog party it was off to the club for some twirly-light dancing!

29 June 2009


Sometimes a bath is too much, but a sponge is not enough. So...

06 May 2009

Happy Birthday Caitlyn!

Today was Caitlyn's 1st birthday. A day to remember what was happening this time last year and to celebrate our beautiful child. We had a family day out today, first to an indoor play centre which Alannah and Charlie also enjoyed and then off to some picturesque gardens for birthday cake - made, of course, by Jane.

Here's a few photos and a little video.

04 May 2009

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Charlie turned 3 years old and we celebrated with an airplane party. Ever since visiting the States last November Charlie has been fascinated with airplanes and airports - particularly the "wachine", otherwise known as the security machine for baggage, which he can now play with his Playmobil airport.

As usual, Jane gave it her all in putting on a great party which included learning a new skill - making balloon airplanes - and making an aiplane cake. Below are a couple of videos from the day. The first one is a rendition of the birthday song in the lowest key you have ever heard and the second video has Charlie showing off his new bike.

07 April 2009

Making a Splash

We recently took a short break at Center Parcs. It was lots of fun and the kids are still talking about it a few weeks on. Princess party, teddy bear picnic, exploring in the woods and, of course, swimming in the sub-tropical paradise pool. No doubt we'll go back again sometime.

Here's a few photos:

13 February 2009

Marcus makes a mocha!

I got a nice espresso machine for Christmas which has been great! Lattes any time I want. In fact, I'm just about to make one for Jane and myself now...

I wish you could come over for a coffee too. Until you can, here I am in action.

10 February 2009

Sunday School Songs

This past weekend we all travelled up to Northern Ireland to lead a children's weekend at The Salvation Army in Lurgan. On the Sunday afternoon the local kids took part in various ways and because Alannah and Charlie had gone to Sunday School that morning they joined in too. I think you'll agree that they both did very well for just one rehearsal - proving that the weeks spent practicing beforehand by the other kids was probably a waste of time...

02 February 2009

Let it snow!


Dublin is experiencing a snowstorm of almost Arctic proportions. Snowfall accumulation must be at least 2cm, maybe even 3!

As this is likely to be the only snow Dublin will see this winter Charlie and Marcus took the opportunity to build a snowman.

Stay warm everyone!


Dublin continues to be "in the grip of wintery conditions" so it gave Alannah a chance to make a snowman too when she got home from nursery.

29 January 2009

Christmas 2008

A little bit late, but sooner than last year! Here's a video of us over Christmas...

18 January 2009

3 Songs for Christmas

I've got lots of catching up to do on this blog and I'm in the process of editing a Christmas video. In the meantime, here's three lovely performances by our kids!