24 January 2010

365 Photos - week 4

18th JANUARY - Jane says the new year tradition has gone on long enough. It's time it came off.
19th JANUARY - Happy Bodhrán Day to me!
20th JANUARY - Chickenpox remedies.

21st JANUARY - Toy Story 3D. Taking the kids was an excuse for me to see it!

22nd JANUARY - A chalk drawing of me playing cricket...apparently.

23rd JANUARY - Jane has been away for the weekend leaving me in charge of three kids including feeding and entertainment.

24th - JANUARY - I went to a coffee party today. I brought a bag of beans home and smiled when I read the label.


Ali said...

I knew that was cricket!

Wils said...

goodness me... is it not a bit extreme to take your chin off... how will you sip coffee?

Wils said...
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