03 January 2010

365 Photos - week 1

1st JANUARY - 12:01am

2nd JANUARY - Only 91 days 'till Easter!

3rd JANUARY - Ummm.....it appears that only three days in I've forgotten to take a photo. Normal service will resume shortly.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marcus - hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

I love the naturalness of pic 1!! so unplanned :) haha

Ali said...

great pics Cosmo. the test card girl brings back memories!! how many of those eggs did you eat?

The Mylechreest Family said...

Thanks, Judy. We've had a lovely time.

Ali, ummm....four.

Gary said...

I love creme eggs, but can't bring myself to eat them until it's nearer Easter!