11 August 2008

Four years old!

Ahh, our Bupsy is four years old today, full of imagination and compassion and sweetness. And a few other traits that wouldn't be fair to mention on her birthday! We have a few friends who have children turning three soon, who think because they have missed the terrible twos their child will just be lovely and well-behaved forever. Well, sorry to tell you, but 3 is the new 2, and we're hoping 4 will be much better!

We had a My Little Pony party on Friday with some friends. It was loads of fun, very cute and sweet and PINK! Jane had so much fun decorating the cake with an overload of pink and purple frosting and pink flowers:

Here is Charlie, so exhausted from the party that he fell asleep on a beanbag in the living room, toys still in his hand. If you can see his pocket, he put some jelly (Jello) in there to save for later!

Alannah was sad after the party because we told her that her birthday was actually on Monday and we would be having family presents and doing something fun together on that day. Two birthday celebrations, that seems great, right? And it wasn't that she didn't enjoy her party or think it wasn't enough -- it was just that she wanted to be four, and the cards from her friends had 4 on them, and she couldn't understand why we were telling her that she wasn't going to be four until Monday. Now that the actual birthday has come and gone (and she did get more presents today) she seems fine, but I still don't think she gets what the whole birthday thing/another year older business is all about!

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