15 March 2010

365 Photos - week 11

8th MARCH - Sunshine!

9th MARCH - Happy birthday, Jane!

10th MARCH - Evening Abstract.

11th MARCH - Blue skies four days in a row!

12th MARCH - Caitlyn get her hands on the leftover birthday cake.

13th MARCH - Something blue has landed next door.

14th MARCH - RTE studios. (I'm going to be on TV next week!)


Anonymous said...

Which channel and when?

Ali said...

Yes, spill the details, we get RTE up here. What is it ... Irelands got Talent? You've never entered the heats for the Eurovision Song Contest?!

The Mylechreest Family said...

Ummm, no. Not quite so grand. I was part of an eccumenical worship service with Christian Aid. It will be shown on Sunday 28th sometime in the morning on RTE1.

I'm sure you're all be in church anyway, so you might be able to watch it later on the RTE Player .

Wils said...

Now here's the question - will we be able to see the clips on RTE player up here?!

(Second question... your wife is 7?!)

The Mylechreest Family said...

Wils, actually I'd be interested to know if the RTE player is viewable in NI??