28 February 2010

365 Photos - week 9

22nd FEBRUARY - Alannah is enrolled as a Ladybird!

23rd FEBRUARY - I'd forgotten how much I loved Lego...until the kids went to bed.

24th FEBRUARY - Coffee Morning in a local cafe for the Older People's Network. Free coffee and pastries for everyone! (I wonder who the chairperson of this group is who would suggest such an activity?)

25th FEBRUARY - My ticket arrives for Star Wars in Concert. (Can't wait!!!!)

26th FEBRUARY - Into the light.

27th FEBRUARY - Down the chute!

28th FEBRUARY - When I was twelve I was convinced I wouldn't regret stopping piano lessons. Twenty something years later I still regret it. But today...


Ali said...

So, can I conclude that the next time James May trys to build a real house using just lego, you'll be his site manager?

Good luck with the piano lessons. I too have a similar regret, but now that I have two learning how to play piano, the regret is diminishing :-)

The Mylechreest Family said...

The problem is that I think my kids are still just a bit too young for really getting into Lego - but I've been looking at kits to buy all week!

You should give the piano another go. I'm using the Tune a Day book which has a CD that accompanies you as you play. It makes Old McD sound not so lame and really helps.